Teaching Methods


Over the course of three years, the formation of the audiovisual section offers a superior teaching that is practical to form the students, depending on their choice or job:

· Sound: sound engineer, sound chief operator, sonorous illustrator;
· Image: cameraman, shooting operator, photo director/chief operator;
· Post-production: editor, chief editor, special effect man;
· Production: assistant director, director, scriptwriter, script.

Teaching Methods
The program of disciplines taught by professionals in activity around three components:
· A general theoretical and artistic teaching;
· A professional teaching which aims to permit the students, from the first year, have technical tools and the control of professional equipments at their disposition, to carry out individual exercises and group production;
· Practical works, which, with professional teaching, represent 70% of attendance in school, correspond to application, advertising, reporting, fiction, communication and multimedia.

The technical tools necessary for realizing projects are daily available to students, 24h/24h for mobile equipments, and at school opening for fixed installations.

The development of the institutional sector of communication of new televisions offer openings for:

· Provider companies
· Production companies
· Integrated services
· Post-production companies
· Local cabled networks
· Television channels

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